Styrian Pumpkin Oil Review

What is Styrian Pumpkin Oil?

Styrian pumpkin oil is an edible oil, derived from pumpkins and their seeds.

However, this particular pumpkin is grown specifically for its nutritious seeds. Standard pumpkin seeds are white, while Styrian pumpkin seeds are colored a deep emerald green.

Their unusual color is more than a stylistic nuance, though, as its unique color is a byproduct of the bioactive compounds within each seed.

This means the Styrian pumpkin oil has more antioxidants than other forms of edible oil. 

When compared to average pumpkin oil, this oil contains an exceptional amount of minerals like zinc and magnesium, antioxidants and healthy fats as well as essential vitamins.

How is This Pumpkin Oil Product Presented?

Each bottle of Styrian pumpkin oil by Activation contains the condensed, concentrated oil derived from thousands of nutrient-dense, organic Styrian pumpkin seeds.

This oil is then presented in a darkened Miron glass bottle, designed to keep the nutrients intact and unharmed from potential exposure.

Many companies overlook the small details like this, which are key to getting the most value from the product.

What Can Styrian Pumpkin Oil Be Used For?

This variety of pumpkin oil is a jack-of-all-trades in the health industry so to speak.

If you look at their site it has a wide range of benefits, thanks to its nutrient rich, bioactive compounds.

It improves brain function, fights problem skin, promotes longevity, benefits bladder and prostate health and many more.

Besides these many benefits, the one that merits additional attention for our sake is the oil’s ability to promote hair growth and hair thickening.

First, let’s address…

How Big of a Problem is Hair Loss?

According to The Hair Society, some 21 million women and 35 million men suffer from some hair loss or thinning.

This condition can be attributed to a variety of causes, from medical to genetic reasons, according to a Harvard Medical School study.

It’s safe to say that hair loss is an issue many people struggle with daily.

Thankfully, there is a way to combat this sometimes embarrassing problem through things like LLLT devices, hair loss shampoo, vitamins and even in the form of Styrian pumpkin oil.

We have personally the best results in using a combination of efforts with a total holistic approach.

What Can Styrian Pumpkin Oil Do For Hair Growth & Thickening?

One study proved eating Styrian pumpkin oil for six months straight resulted in a 40% hair growth (R).

This study consisted of men who suffered with androgenetic alopecia, an extremely common cause of hair loss in both men and women.

Study participants only had to consume 400 mg of this food to enjoy noticeable hair growth improvements.

While that amount might sound daunting, it’s really not.

In reality, it’s only 1/12th of a teaspoon of oil.

This means someone suffering with hair loss could promote an improvement in hair growth simply by adding what amounts to a splash of oil on their food.

Seems like it’s worth the effort.

How to Take Styrian Pumpkin Oil

There are three primary ways to incorporate Styrian pumpkin oil into one’s life.

They are as follows:

  • As a Supplement: Take a tablespoon or two every morning.
  • As a Dressing: This is an even tastier way to ingest this nutritious oil. Add equal parts balsamic vinegar and Styrian pumpkin oil to a jar, put on the lid and shake. This makes an excellent complex balsamic vinaigrette dressing for a salad. (Don’t heat pumpkin oil as this causes a loss in fatty acids and delicate nutrients.)
  • On The Skin: The last way to take Styrian pumpkin oil is through the skin. Combine this with a carrier oil, like jojoba and use this as an excellent, nutritional moisturizer.  (Keep in mind, this method is best when seeking dermatological improvements.) 

Why Styrian Pumpkin Oil by Activation is so Effective: Perfect Press System

This lab-tested, perfect pass system is designed to preserve the integrity of the natural oils, going above and beyond typical manufacturing standards.

It also begins with the best raw ingredients, which makes the best oils.

The process beginning to end is outlined below:

  • Organic, Non-GMO Seeds: Raw ingredients from Styrian cultivar pumpkins with a superior nutritional profile. All pumpkins used to create this oil are certified organically grown and non-GMO.
  • Batch Sampling: Each batch of Styrian pumpkin seeds are tested for nutrient value, freshness and purity.
  • Gentle Pressing: This unique system extracts oils without damaging the precious bioactive compounds and fatty acids inside. All freshly pressed oil is lab tested to ensure pristine quality.
  • Miron Glass Bottling: The Styrian pumpkin oil Miron bottle protects the nutrient-dense oils from sunlight, which can oxidize fatty acids, robbing the oil of its nutrients.
  • Superior Stability Testing: The combination of the Miron bottle with the careful pressing system makes the oil extremely stable. If kept in a cool, dark place, the flavor and nutritional value of the oil will last for 36 months.

Bottom Line: Styrian Pumpkin Oil

In conclusion, anyone suffering from hair loss or thinning should give this product a try as part of their holistic hair regrowth protocol.

The rigorous testing and lab studies that have been conducted on the oil.

Therefore, it is a wise investment for anyone, whether they wish their hair was just a little thicker or they are embarrassed with their current, noticeable hair loss.

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