LED Caps vs Laser Caps – Understand the Major Difference

From topical medication to hair transplants, you will find many products and treatment options for replenishing hair growth. Those suffering from hair loss problems have many treatment options to choose from.  However, topical products or drugs for treating hair loss do not always turn out to be effective, which is why you need to understand the differences of LED caps vs laser caps.

Where traditional methods fall short, technology comes to the rescue.

One technology to keep top of mind is low-level laser therapy (LLLT).

LLLT is becoming widely popular amongst those afflicted with hair loss and being used within caps worn on people’s heads.

However, not all technology is the same and some companies are overselling their product’s effectiveness through unwarranted claims.

Within the LLLT marketplace you will undoubtedly find two very different technologies being touted. These are medical-grade lasers and LED lights.

Let’s explore these more.

LED Caps vs Laser Caps – Key Differences

A quick summary to start…

Differences between LED Caps vs Laser Caps

Laser caps have laser-emitting diodes.

These laser light emissions are coherent, or in unison.

On the other hand, LED lights are incoherent.

The waves and light particles in LED lights are not on the same frequency, thus making them incoherent. So the LED light spreads out, unlike laser lights, which are focused in one direction.

The tiny bulbs in LED caps can be structurally similar to the diodes in laser caps, but the emission of light or laser is what makes the two different.

LLLT devices that use medical-grade lasers are the only reliable and trustworthy gadgets that can actually regrow and nourish new hair growth. That is why low-level laser therapy that uses medical-grade lasers is FDA-cleared due to clinically researched and documented efficacy in actually showing results.

On that note, there is no clear evidence that LED lights stimulate hair regrowth.

Proof of LED lighting helping regrow hair is anecdotal and circumstantial.

For example, a person could be using a prescription drug such as finasteride to combat hair loss and using an LED device at the same time.

Thus, they believe that their hair loss stoppage is a result of using the LED device. Or in some cases, companies claim to have a certain amount of laser diodes within their devices when the majority of the diodes are LEDs instead of actual medical-grade lasers.

As you might assume, and you would be correct in doing so, medical-grade lasers are significantly less expensive than LEDs and so the manufacturer makes much more money due to the user’s misinformation.

In the following, we’ll review two companies that focus on producing devices to combat hair loss. One of the companies bases their product on LED technology and the other on medical-grade lasers.

Revian LED Cap vs. illumiflow Laser Cap

The Revian Red LED Hair Growth Cap and illumiflow Laser Cap 272 are popular hair regrowth products in the realm of LLLT hair solutions. Where Revian is one of the leading brands for LED caps, illumiflow is a notable advocate for high-quality laser treatment at an affordable price.

Both are easy to use but, considering the difference in technology, results may vary.

Let’s take a look at their features and compare the two.

Revian Red LED Hair Growth Cap

revian Red LED Hair Growth CapThe Revian Red LED Hair Growth Cap has smart and advanced features, which make it very easy and convenient to use.

Medical Grade LED Light

The cap relies on LED lights and, per the company’s website, these lights supposedly promote the release of nitric oxide within the scalp. The company goes on to claim that this results in increased blood flow, low inflammation, nutrient boosts, and revitalization of the hair follicles.

Smartphone App

The product does have remarkable integration with your smartphone through a free app. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to control the daily ten-minute treatment. The app helps you to start, pause, and stop the treatment. You can track your treatment time and check progress with timeline graphs.

Lightweight and Comfortable Design

The cap is free from hard and dense plastic material. The cap is lightweight with a soft foam texture that cushions the head and feels comfortable. The foam cap is flexible and fits all head sizes. The cordless design allows free range of movement.

Built-In Sensors

Another smart feature of this cap is the embedded sensors with LED lights. The sensors turn the LED lights off and on when you wear the cap or take it off. This feature helps save energy when there is an interruption during treatment.

illumiflow Laser Cap 272

illumiflow Laser Cap 272 diodesillumiflow has made its mark among the most popular brands for laser-light therapy.

The illumiflow 272 cap has all the basic features of a high-quality laser cap and comes at a much more desirable price compared to its competitors.

Its full-range coverage of 272 laser diodes directly increases blood flow around hair follicles allowing for thicker hair growth. Considering its price and the quantity of high-quality medical-grade lasers, it’s easy to see why this cap is so desired by those seeking a solution to their hair loss problems.

The product has many features that make it user-friendly and convenient.

Premium Laser Diodes

FDA-cleared and clinically proven laser light emits from 272 premium medical-grade diodes. 272 diodes cover the whole inner surface of the cap providing full coverage and maximum treatment to the scalp.

Cooling Technology

illumiflow ensures safe LLLT treatment for its users. The advanced cooling technology not only prevents the cap from overheating but keeps the laser exposure at optimum levels for safe usage.

Automatic Shut-Off

You do not have to fret if you forget to remove the cap after the thirty-minute recommended treatment time. With an automatic shut-off feature, the cap switches off by itself after each treatment session.

This not only conserves energy for additional uses but it also avoids unnecessary laser exposure to the scalp.

Revian vs. illumiflow

Revian vs Illumiflow 272 laser caps

And if you prefer a text version you can see the table below :-).

Revian Red LED Hair Growth Cap


illumiflow Laser Cap 272


Mode of TreatmentModulated light therapy

(LED light)

Low-level laser therapy

(laser emission)

Wavelength of Light620nm and 660nm650nm
WarrantySix-month money-back guaranteeFive-year warranty & 100 percent money-back guarantee
Recommended TimeTen minutes dailyThirty every-other-day
Bluetooth ConnectivityYesNo
Comfort LevelModerateHigh
FDA StandardClearedFirst to receive clearance


Our Final Thoughts

Laser caps and LED caps are both marketed for their hair regrowth capabilities and hopefully this article on LED caps vs laser caps has helped you sort through the key differences.

Laser caps are definitely a much more viable option for promoting hair growth and showing real results. LED caps may promote hair growth, but keep in mind that they do have a lesser penetrative power, which means slower results and it may not be effective for everyone.

If you are seeking an LLLT device that promises hair regrowth, we suggest you put your money on proven technology—in this case, coherent emitting medical-grade lasers from our #1 recommendation.

Otherwise, you may just be gambling with your roots.

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