Kiierr Review | Is It Worthy Of The Hype?

The Kiierr Brand Has Become an Industry Leader Since Starting in 2018

While some overseas companies pop-up left and right in sketchy packaging with no FDA-Clearance.. Kiierr did things the right way.

Kiierr laser caps are FDA-Cleared, which is legal and necessary to properly start a class 2 medical device company, conduct quality control and comply with the many regulations of the laser cap industry.

The takeaway here is that some laser device websites are not established companies and may be operated by internet marketers who chase profits first with quality control and support infrastructure a second thought. But Kiierr is not one of them if you look at their track record and reviews.

“Fast” isn’t good when it comes to start-up laser cap brands

Running a laser cap company is expensive by nature, requiring infrastructure to support a team who can tend to endless assessment of emerging and current technologies, science and health, and customer service, all while remaining compliant to regulations. Meanwhile, to some companies, FDA clearance is just another startup cost.

Established companies like Kiierr, illumiflow, Capillus, and iRestore (full iRestore review here) are safe bets for both quality, safety, and service, so if you’re buying your first laser cap, it might make the most sense to stick to these “known” brands who were built on a solid foundation.

Illumiflow (our #1 recommendation) is very open about taking FDA clearance seriously—you can read their blog post about it here.

Laser Cap for Hair Loss FDA Clearance
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  1. My experience has been great with Kiierr. I have been using mine since having my hair transplant. Definitely feel my hair is stronger and see no hair breaking off. It’s all about the blood flow to the hair Follicles. Just like a plant needing sunlight. I had a problem with a battery 2 years later and they resolved the problem Immediately and have always treated me Professionally. Thanks Kiierr I love my hair.


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