illumiflow vs Theradome

An estimated 50 million men and 30 million women in the United States suffer from hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia, which is the most common reason for hair loss. If you too find yourself with less hair on your head than you would like or more falling out all the time, you probably want to know what you can do to treat this sometimes embarrassing condition. Thankfully, you have many options, provided by several companies specializing in hair loss and regrowth technology. We will consider just two of these companies today when we look at illumiflow vs Theradome.

Read on to learn more about how these companies compare and which offers the best solution to your hair loss needs:

How Hair Loss is Treated by Both illumiflow & Theradome

These companies are similar in that they both use a variety of low level laser therapy, also known as LLLT to treat hair loss through their various products.

This technology was first discovered in the 1960s as a way to promote tissue regeneration and has since been used to treat everything from joint pain to nerve issues. It has only been in fairly recent years that this technology was accidentally discovered to impact hair loss in a positive way as well.

Initially, this technology was only available in a clinical setting but eventually, companies like illumiflow created new laser cap products that gave users access to LLLT from the comfort and privacy of home.

Theradome uses a slightly different yet still similar technology called laser phototherapy or LPT, which is a subcategory of LLLT.

More About These Companies: What Makes Illumiflow Differ From Theradome

Illumiflow is a company that prides itself on offering users unmatched durability, quality, effectiveness, and safety in all their products. They are veterans in the industry and are considered trailblazers as one of the first companies to bring LLLT technology into a home setting.

They back their products with clinical studies and rigorous testing providing a non-prescription, non-surgical solution to the problem of hair loss for both men and women. Their products have also been FDA cleared which means they have met a variety of significant standards to prove their products’ safety and effectiveness.

Theradome has been recommended by four out of five hair loss experts like the Hair Club and Bosely, along with other medical clinics located all around the world.

They utilize LPT technology to powerfully and effectively treat hair loss. Their laser helmets are the result of decades of research to ensure they work as designed.

Their cordless, lightweight design makes their products more portable than other laser caps, which can lead to greater customer satisfaction when mobility is a significant issue.

What Each Company Offers in Terms of Hair Loss Products

The following is a breakdown of what illumiflow and Theradome offer in way of products to you their customer:

Illumiflow Products

  • Illumiflow 272 Laser Cap: $799
  • Illumiflow 148 Laser Cap $549
  • Follicle FX: Hair Growth Vitamin $59
  • Holistic Hair Health: $37 (ebook comes free with the purchase of your laser cap)

Theradome Products

  • Theradome Pro LH80: $895
  • Theradome EVO LH40: $595

You can tell by this breakdown that Theradome offers their helmet and that alone, no complementary products, while illumiflow offers at least two.

Pros and Cons of illumiflow & Theradome

Sometimes the easiest way to make a decision between two companies or a set of products is to learn the general pros and cons of each.

Below you will find a simple breakdown of what are the most applicable pros and cons for illumiflow and Theradome.

Illumiflow Pros and Cons


  • Full scalp coverage.
  • Available in 148 or 272 diode models.
  • Most affordable on a per laser basis of any laser cap on the market.
  • Great customer service on the company end.
  • Most customers note new hair growth within six months.
  • Hair loss is reversed in three to four months.


  • Does not ship internationally

Theradome Pros and Cons 


  • Shorter treatment time when compared to most LLLT caps.
  • Completely portable.
  • One-size-fits-all.


  • Fewer diodes than other laser caps, which means less scalp coverage.
  • Sometimes cannot work when users already have advanced hair loss.
  • It’s not very affordable and is one of the most expensive on the market for what the customer gets.

In terms of pros and cons, it seems illumiflow comes out ahead.

They have a great upside with very little if any downside, while Termadome does have some notable drawbacks, especially in terms of scalp coverage and the cost when compared to other products.

Comparison Between illumiflow and Thermadome

Here’s a quick breakdown of what each company offers you as a hair regrowth customer:


  • Lasers range from 148 to 272 in two different models.
  • Purchase price ranges from $549 to $799
  • Price per laser for these products range from $3 to $4


  • Lasers offered from 40 to 80 on two different models.
  • Purchase price range from $595 to $895
  • Price per laser for the $895 model is $11.19

Money-Back Guarantee: How do illumiflow and Theradome Differ?

Both companies provide a type of money-back guarantee that ensures customer satisfaction.

Theradome offers a six-month money-back guarantee. They also offer an extended warranty protection for an additional cost of between $99 and $149, depending on the model you choose.

Illumiflow offers a six month 100% product guarantee that leads the industry. No other laser cap does better in this category. They also feature 24/7 customer support to address any and all concerns users might have with their products.

Real Customer Reviews for illumiflow and Theradome

The following are some real-life reviews that indicate the way actual users feel about their illumiflow and Theradome products and the results they produced:

Illumiflow Reviews

“I have used this (illumiflow laser cap) for a year now and the results are fantastic! I have hip length, very fine hair and it was REALLY falling out. After using this, my hair has stopped falling out.”

“I love this laser cap. It’s much less money and a better value than the competition. I put it on my head when I’m relaxing at night in front of the TV, and it’s really easy. It has excellent quality and great value.”

“Compared to Theradome, this cap is absolutely amazing! It only takes a few seconds of using each to see they aren’t in the same league, with illumiflow offering better coverage and more powerful lasers. This cap is an excellent value and seems to be a quality product.” 

Theradome Reviews

“I am very pleased with my hair growth helmet! It is comfortable and is easy to use. I can even multi-task with it one, do dishes, work at my desk, etc., so it doesn’t take time out of my day” 

“I just completed my 65th treatment with Theradome and I am shocked to say that I am seeing little new sprouts around my hairline. Overall, my hair looks much better. I wasn’t really sure it would work, but something is definitely happening.”

As these reviews indicate, users are pleased with both companies, as they have noted improvements with using both the Thermadome and illumifow laser caps. Of course, as with any product, you can find those who love it and hate it, but both companies have good customer satisfaction overall.

Bottom Line, Which Hair Loss Treatment Company has the Edge, Theradome or Illumiflow?

While we cannot advise you on which company to go with when purchasing your hair loss laser products, it’s safe to say that illumiflow has some significant advantages.

First of all, their longevity in the industry is a big advantage, as is the fact that their products provide significantly more laser diodes for a greater treatment area. As such, we feel it’s fair to say that you get more bang for your buck with illumiflow, though either company provides a safe, clinically tested product that won’t cause any nasty side effects. Therefore, there is no bad choice here, only good or better.


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