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If you are currently experiencing hair loss and are searching high and low for a solution to your problem that is less invasive than surgery, you will be glad to know there is hope.

Hair loss can be devastating and can negatively impact your life in a variety of ways.

If this is a familiar situation, know you are far from alone.

In fact, one in every five Americans is experiencing some form of hair loss. While statistically, it is still more likely to affect men, women are also negatively impacted more than most imagine.

Therefore, whether you are a man or woman, young or old, if you have wanted a solution to your hair loss issue, there are many to choose from.

In fact, a little too many which is what brings us to our topic today.

We are going to compare and contrast two treatment options you might want to try to combat your hair loss and consider illumiflow vs iRestore.

Illumiflow Overview

Illumiflow is a leader in the hair loss treatment industry, offering the very latest in laser treatment technology in the form of laser cap devices, which come with 148 laser diodes or 272 laser diodes.

Their products are FDA cleared, which means they have met a variety of vigorous standards governing both safety and effectiveness.

illumiflow 148 vs 272 comparison table


This is a full comparison of the two options by illumiflow.

The technology used within each laser cap is low-level light therapy (LLLT), also called cold laser therapy or red light therapy.

They proudly feature only lasers in their treatment devices, never substituting with LEDs, which tend to be less expensive but also less effective at treating hair loss.

Low-Level Light Therapy – How it Works

LLLT Hair Growth Timeline

Lasers work to penetrate into the root of each hair follicle, boosting it on a cellular level.

It basically restores dead, dormant hair, turning it into strong, thriving hair and promotes additional hair growth. The technology behind LLLT was accidentally discovered when researchers were attempting to find an alternative treatment for cancer in the 1960s. The mice they were testing exhibited hair growth at an unexpected level, which then led researchers to look closer at the therapy as a way to promote hair growth.

Since that time, the laser therapy industry has exploded with options. However, in the early days, you could only access such therapy at a doctor’s office or in a hair loss treatment clinic.

Thankfully, because of many companies like illumiflow, it is now available for anyone to use in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

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iRestore Overview

iRestore is also a company that offers treatment options for hair loss using LLLT.

However, they also implement some LEDs into their treatment devices, called treatment helmets.

What’s the difference with LEDs vs laser diodes?

Good question…this article explains it in-depth.

Their devices have been clinically proven effective at reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth.

Their products are also FDA cleared, indicating they are safe and effective at treating hair loss, including thinning hair, balding, or a receding hairline.

iRestore LED Therapy

Although iRestore does implement lasers into their helmet devices, they also rely heavily on LED.

While many studies have proven lasers an effective way to treat hair loss, there is less evidence that LEDs work as consistently.

Nevertheless, iRestore has completed several successful clinical trials with wonderful results.

Learn more about iRestore here.

The illumiflow and iRestore Product Lines

The following is a breakdown of the different product lines offered by illumiflow and iRestore and each product’s current purchase price:

Illumiflow LLLT Devices & Hair Growth Products

All illumiflow products are designed to be safely used by both men and women and can be used in conjunction with other hair loss treatments:

  • Illumiflow 148 Laser Cap: $549
  • Illumiflow 272 Laser Cap: $799
  • Follicle FX: Dietary Supplement for Hair Health: $59
  • Holistic Hair Heath: Comprehensive Guide to Hair Loss: $37 (this book is a complimentary gift with the purchase of a laser cap) 

iRestore Laser Helmets & Hair Growth Products

All iRestore products are designed to be used safely by both men and women and can be used along with other hair loss treatments:

  • iRestore Essential: 51 Medical-Grade Lasers and LEDs: $695
  • iRestore Professional: 282 Medical-Grade Lasers and LEDs: $1,195
  • Max Growth Bundle: Hair Care Products: $79.99
  • Hair Gummy Vitamins: Improve Hair Health: $29.99
  • Anti-Hair Loss Duo: Shampoo & Conditioner: $47.99
  • 3-in-1 Hair Growth Formula: $29.99
  • Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo: $24.99
  • Anti-Hair Thinning Conditioner: $24.99
  • Anti-Hair Loss Serum: $39.99

How They Compare – illumiflow vs iRestore

Obviously, iRestore offers more quantity of products as they have shampoos, conditioners and more.

However, they don’t offer even one laser cap, instead focusing only on their two helmet models.

Illumiflow specializes in laser caps, so though they have less to choose from, they still offer something iRestore doesn’t in the form of laser caps.

Laser Caps vs Laser Helmets

When comparing iRestore and illumiflow, the biggest difference aside from the purchase price would be the fact that one offers only laser helmets while the other specializes in laser caps. Therefore, since this is the biggest difference between the two, it’s important to determine which option is best for you as well, so you know what company serves your individual needs. The following is a breakdown of each type and their advantages/disadvantages:

  • Laser Caps: These devices are the most popular laser treatment option, due to the fact that they are lightweight, portable and can be worn outside and are often easy to hide completely when discretion is important. Illumiflow leads the industry in terms of laser caps in both quality and affordability.
  • Laser Helmets: This type of device looks exactly like you would imagine it to, like a helmet. It sits on the head, much like a hood. Unlike laser caps, helmets also utilize LED lights to treat hair loss. Laser helmets are usually larger than their laser cap counterparts but are sometimes described as more comfortable thanks to their padding that cushions the head during treatment. These devices usually require access to a plug in and you have to be pretty stationary during your treatment. Some do come with portable battery packs, though, but they are still not designed to be an “on-the-go” product like laser caps.

Treatment Time: How to Use

  • Illumiflow: During the initial treatment stage when you are trying to achieve optimal hair growth (usually around six months), wear for 30 minutes every other day. After six months when you are in the maintenance stage, you can reduce the time you wear your device down to 15 to 30 minutes two to three times a week.
  • iRestore: Wear your iRestore laser helmet for 25 minutes every other day to achieve optimal results.

Warranty or Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

While you hope that the device you choose works amazingly well and you have no need of a warranty or satisfaction guarantee, it’s still nice to know where these companies stand in terms of how they back their products:

  • Illumiflow: Offers an industry best five-year warranty on both their laser cap products. They also proudly provide a six month, money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction.
  • iRestore: Offers a one-year warranty on the product if it breaks and features a six month, money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction.

Treatment Results: When Will it Start to Work

Above everything else, you likely wonder when the product you purchase will begin to produce noticeable results. That information is outlined below:

  • Illumiflow: Expect to see results between four and six months after starting treatment.
  • iRestore: Expect to see results in three to six months after starting treatment.

Bottom Line, Which is The Better Option?

When contemplating illumiflow vs iRestore, the main difference is the products themselves.

The laser cap and laser helmets are designed for different treatment styles.

While they both treat hair loss using virtually the same technology, laser caps like illumiflow offers are designed to be discreet and can be used outside of the home if you wanted.

iRestores laser helmets; however, are best utilized at home and cannot be hidden if privacy is an issue. Therefore, it’s up to you which company you want to go with as they both offer products that are proven and safe.

Is that the only difference?

No, it’s not.

The Major Difference We See in iRestore and illumiflow

illumiflow offers premium laser cap devices that only use laser diodes, which is what has been far more often tested and proven to produce results.

iRestore uses LEDS in combination with laser diodes which do not have the same documented results (other than their own tests) for regrowing hair. LEDs are a superficial light source that is unable to retain light intensity in the same way that lasers do.

LEDs are commonly used in skin-level applications that do not require additional light-intense penetration, which is why we feel if you are looking for the best results we’d suggest the illumiflow laser caps.

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