Why the illumiflow 272 Laser Cap Is Our #1 Recommendation

Among the many hair regrowth solutions available, laser caps like the illumiflow 272 laser cap are making the rounds in online markets as an effective treatment.

Laser caps provide a promising means for minimizing hair loss and restoring hair growth for both men and women.

These caps use a noninvasive approach, combining the science of laser stimulation and natural hair growth to provide a nonsurgical solution for treating hair loss.

The utmost important factor for laser caps is FDA clearance.

All brands providing laser caps should be FDA-cleared to ensure that their laser emission is safe to use and that the technology is proven to work in stimulating hair follicle growth.

You can read more about the importance of FDA clearance here.

Among the top FDA-cleared laser cap products, the illumiflow Laser Cap 272 is a well-known brand and has been around for some time now.

It was one of the first OTC laser caps to be cleared by the FDA in February of 2017.

This laser cap is safe to use and offers an effective solution. The best thing about this laser cap is that it offers a hair regrowth solution at a much more affordable price than its competitors.

Treating Hair Loss without Going Bald

The illumiflow 272 Laser Cap uses photostimulation through low-level laser therapy to rejuvenate the hair follicles and gradually increase hair growth.

Apart from directly stimulating the hair follicles, it uses another mechanism to treat hair loss.

The laser emissions from within the cap block the over-conversion of DHT within the scalp.

This helps alleviate hair loss symptoms, considering DHT is one of the main culprits in instigating hair loss within the scalp.

Illumiflow 272 Features

Illumiflow 272 Laser Cap features

You can read more about the 272 laser cap on Illumiflow’s official site here.

Illumiflow Pros

illumiflow 272 laser capThe illumiflow Laser Cap 272 is very effective and has a high success rate of stimulating hair growth.

Moreover, the price is almost a fraction of similar products like Capillus.

Hence, it provides a cost-effective solution to thinning hair and hair loss.

What’s in the Box?

After you place your order for your 272 laser cap what are you going to get…

[+] A rechargeable battery and battery pack case.

[+] AC Adapter (for charging the battery pack)

[+] The product comes with a wearable baseball cap for discreet use.

[+] Illumiflow laser cap with extension cord. The inner cap has 272 medical-grade laser diodes and the outer baseball cap makes the laser cap discreet and easy to wear.

The laser cap also ensures laser protection when being used. The cooling technology does not let the cap overheat and provides maximum laser protection to the scalp.

The laser cap has an automatic shut-off feature after thirty minutes.

This saves the battery life and you don’t have to worry if you leave the cap on for more than the recommended thirty-minute treatment time.

illumiflow houses an incredible team of hair growth aficionados that are eager to help and guide hair loss sufferers.

A quick call to the company will have you relieved that you are in the good hands of a USA-based company that actually cares.

There phone number is: 800-869-1503

Illumiflow Laser Cap Cons

With so many great features and a high success rate, the illumiflow Laser Cap 272 has just one downside.

When you decided to fight hair loss and aim to regrow your hair illumiflow believes in a long-term holistic approach.  That involves being patient and consistently using the product over time.

For some hair conditions, the product may take over a year to reduce hair loss and restore growth.

Here’s a side by side look for you.

272 Laser Cap by Illumiflow Pros And Cons

What Customers Say about the illumiflow Laser Cap 272 Version

With a 4.75 rating, the illumiflow Laser Cap 272 has received many wonderful reviews.

The technology used in their product is very effective for restoring hair growth (in just a few months time in some cases) and using the device is simple and convenient.

Many customers have experienced a significant reduction in a short period of time.

From browsing through the many verified reviews on the company’s website, it’s clear that people were happy and thrilled to have come across this laser cap.

The reviews go on to say how the laser cap has helped stop hair loss and even regrown hair in certain areas. Each positive comment has a story of its own, from the incredible customer service to the capability of the laser caps power to stimulate hair follicles.

Aside from the majority of the reviews being positive for this laser cap and its results, after exploring some of the feedback across the internet, there were some comments from naysayers that were found. Some customers reported that the ilumiflow Laser Cap 272 stopped working after a year.

However, according to the company’s five-year warranty, the customer could have just had the cap replaced so you don’t really need to worry about this.

Most of the feedback praised the product on its full-scalp laser coverage and the results they had received after using it for a few months.

All in all, it seems customers across the internet are satisfied with their results, especially with the laser caps ease of use, value, and portability.

Illumiflow Before and After Photos

illumiflow Before and After Photos
Source Illumiflow

Our Final Verdict

With a total of 272 laser diodes and a high success rate of stimulating hair growth, this laser cap makes it to the list of top-tier laser caps.

Although there are some small cons as mentioned above, that does not undermine the quality of the medical-grade lasers and their full scalp coverage. The product is definitely worth having on your radar when exploring natural alternatives to hair regrowth involving laser cap therapy.

If you are looking for a good amount of features and want maximum laser diode treatment, then this product is what you are looking for. We believe that a few comments found on the internet can be ignored in favor of the efficacy and savings you’ll receive.

You can’t find a better laser diode cap at such an affordable price.

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