illumiflow 272 Laser Cap Review

If you’ve had to endure unwanted hair loss, you are not alone.

Almost 55 million men and women (R1) experience thinning or balding at this very moment. The emotional toll of unexpected hair loss is immeasurable, leaving many to wonder why it happened to them and how can they fix it.

Drugstore shelves are lined with thickening shampoos, hair serums or vitamins, dermarollers for hair loss, and the internet is bursting with drugs and homemade remedies to encourage hair follicles to start producing again.

For some, the fix might be a slight change in diet or discontinued use of certain prescription medication, but for others, more time-consuming treatments may be required.

One of the most successful, non-evasive tools for hair restoration is low-level laser therapy (LLLT) using a laser cap like the illumiflow 272 laser diode cap.

If you’ve done any research on laser caps, you’ve probably come across reviews for the illumiflow 272 among others from customers and those in the medical industry, but with so much competition and so many unknowns, how can you be sure it’s the best product for you?

History of LLLT Laser Caps

History of LLLT Laser Cap Devices

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the illumiflow 272, let’s get a better understanding of what a laser cap is and how you can benefit from LLLT.

The use of LLLT came about in the 1960s (R2) after scientists discovered that laser therapy had the potential to increase wound healing and reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain.

In 1967 in Budapest, Hungary, researcher Endre Mester made a game-changing discovery for hair loss sufferers. After applying lights to shaved mice, Mester notated a drastic increase in the rate of hair growth for mice that received consistent laser treatments.

Success with mice quickly lead to human testing where patients not only experienced existing hair growth, but they also experienced darker and thicker hair.

How LLLT Laser Caps Regrow Hair

How LLLT Works to Regrow Hair

There are numerous pages of scientific jargon explaining how LLLT works, but instead of spending hours reading through the research, here is a brief synopsis for you to easily digest.

LLLT exposes our cells and tissue to low levels of near-infrared (NIR) and red light.

Also known as cold laser therapy, LLLT irradiates photons (R3) into our scalp tissue where all our hair follicles are housed. These photons are quickly absorbed by the weak cells and transform hair follicles that are in a telogen (resting) phase into an anagen (active growth) phase, meaning the follicles that were once dormant are awakened and ready to start producing hair again.

LLLT not only encourages growth, hair often comes in thicker and more pigmented, which is good news for those whose regrowth is traditionally fine and thin.

What is the illumiflow 272 Laser Diode Cap?

illumiflow Laser Cap 272 diodesThe illumiflow 272 is an FDA-cleared, over-the-counter (OTC) laser cap for at-home use.

Designed with 272 premium laser diodes and one of the lowest price tags on the market, this laser cap may be a good option for those who are looking to treat hair loss discreetly and conveniently without the use of prescription medications or invasive transplants.

illumiflow 272 Product Specs

This laser cap is a one-size-fits-all designed for people with long or short hair.

The cap measures 7.63” front to back, and 6.75” side to side.

It has a circumference of 24” and weighs a little more than a half of a pound. It is designed to fit most head shapes and sizes.

illumiflow 272 laser cap product specs

illumiflow 272 Product Features

Here are the key features of the 272 illumiflow laser cap:

  • 272 premium laser diodes
  • 650nm laser calibration for optimal scalp penetration
  • Rated for up to 20,000 treatment sessions
  • Full scalp coverage
  • 30-minute automatic shutoff
  • Advanced cooling technology to protect lasers
  • Learn more about the laser cap here

The illumiflow 272 has a lightweight, hands-free design, allowing you to move around and multitask with ease while the laser cap is running.

Benefits of 650nm Laser Calibration

The term ‘less is more’ comes into play while using LLLT for hair growth.

The wavelengths of light used for this type of treatment has an optimal window of 600–700nm for red and NIR wavelengths. This range is ideal for treating superficial tissue where hair follicles are stored.

Anything above the 700nm wavelength bypasses hair follicles and penetrates deeper-seated tissue.

illumiflow 272 Cap Accessories

When you order the illumiflow 272, you’ll receive the following items:

  • Your 272 laser diode cap
  • Portable rechargeable battery pack
  • Power charger
  • User manual
  • Ball cap for added discretion
  • And all of these items are protected under their 5 Year Warranty and 6-month satisfaction guarantee
  • illumiflow 272 Treatment Recommendations

For those who are on a tight schedule, you may be encouraged to know illumiflow treatments consist of only three, 30-minute sessions per week and can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Since this laser cap is battery powered, you can do your treatments anywhere you wish.

The number of treatments needed in total will vary depending on the individual. While some might see hair regrowth after only a few months, there’s a chance it could take up to a year to experience full regrowth.

Pros and Cons of the Laser Cap by  illumiflow

272 laser cap by illumiflow pros and cons

Pros of the illumiflow Laser Diode Cap

  • Low cost compared to other laser caps. A new illumiflow 272 laser cap with all the bells and whistles has a retail price of $799 plus free shipping, which is roughly at a minimum of $150 less than others on the market that have comparable specs.
  • Completely painless. Users will not experience pain with hair regrowth using this laser cap, which makes it a better option for those who are unable to tolerate the side-effects of hair transplants or prescription medications.
  • Many experience positive results. After scanning over product reviews on numerous websites, it appears the illumiflow 272 has helped numerous customers with hair growth in one way or another. Check out some before and after photos here.
  • Cleared by the FDA (why FDA clearance matters). One of the best things about the illumiflow 272 is that it was cleared by the FDA in 2017. This is big news for those who have passed on other laser caps due to their lack of credibility.
  • Comes with a 5-year product manufacturer’s warranty and a 6-month money-back guarantee. The site offers a 6-month money-back guarantee on all new laser cap purchases, which allows customers to use the product risk-free for 180 days.
  • Caps also come with a 5-year limited warranty that provides a replacement of the product if it is defective as long as customers have proof of purchase and the cap hasn’t been altered or damaged by the customer.
  • This is why illumiflow is our #1 laser cap recommendation.

Cons You Should Know About

It might not be effective for everyone.

Because the ideal NIR wavelength and treatment times vary for every individual, using LLLT for hair growth may not be for everyone. The good news is a credible company like illumiflow has its guarantee in place to reduce any risk

Uncomfortable fit. Some users expressed that the cap was uncomfortable to wear if they had a larger head. A few people had a difficult time fitting the cap to their heads. illumiflow has listened to their customers and provided a strap of sorts to help secure it on the head of folks with a larger head.

The Final Verdict on illumiflow

final verdict on the 272 laser cap

Although there is not a 100% success rate with LLLT devices like illumiflow 272, its discrete design, 6-month money-back guarantee, and low price make it a great option for those who are looking to give laser caps a try to regrow their hair.

Just make sure you hold on to the proof of purchase in case any replacement parts are needed in the future.

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