iGrow Helmet Reviews

If you are struggling with hair loss, there is an innovative new solution that has made its way into at-home treatment in the form of low-level laser therapy. One device on the market today that utilizes this technology is the iGrowth Hair Rejuvenation System.

This is a comprehensive review and look at this product as well as how it compares with other LLLT devices on the market.

What is the iGrow Helmet Device?

This helmet by iGrow utilizes low-level light therapy (LLLT) to stimulate and energize hair growth at a cellular level and currently has a 3.8 star rating on Amazon.

Check the current rating here.

This FDA-cleared treatment is designed to promote hair growth and cut down on hair thinning over the course of four to six months.

This LLLT system has been clinically proven to treat hair loss in both men and women in a safe, effective, and convenient way, all from the comfort of home.

What is Low-Level Laser Therapy

To determine how this device works, it’s important to understand the science and technology used within its design.

The beginning of low-level laser therapy, also called red light therapy or cold laser therapy, found its start in the 1960s when researchers accidentally discovered that red light therapy worked to promote hair growth.

This led to the creation of medical-grade devices used to treat hair loss.

Learn the difference between LED and laser caps here.

Unfortunately, to use these devices, people had to visit a medical clinic or doctor’s office setting and it wasn’t a cheap procedure.

Thankfully, today, the technology has been streamlined into devices like the iGrow Helmet, which enables hair loss sufferers to treat their condition at home, without the extreme cost or hassle of in-office treatment.

This form of treatment is now FDA cleared to treat hair loss in both men and women.

What is FDA Clearance?

Medications are approved by the FDA, and medical devices are awarded clearance.

To achieve FDA clearance, a medical device has to meet rigorous manufacturer and design standards to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Therefore, any device that has received FDA clearance, has met these standards.

This device by iGrow does boast FDA clearance, which is one factor that sets it above others.

What Your iGrow Laser Hair Growth Kit Comes With

Your iGrow Hair Growth Kit comes with the following:

  • The iGrow Hair Growth System Device
  • Built-in High-Quality Headphones
  • Easy-to-Follow User Manual

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iGrow Helmet Device: Quick Facts

Below you will find some quick facts about what makes this device different from others on the market:

  • Implements LLLT: As mentioned above, the iGrow Helmet device is equipped to implement LLLT. It also features LED lights that further enhance cellular rejuvenation through stimulating light therapy.
  • Clinically Tested: This product has been FDA cleared as mentioned above, which means it has been proven safe and effective to perform as designed.Clinical studies have also found the product to be extremely effective. Two published peer-reviewed clinical studies found that the iGrow system increased hair count in 37% of women and 35% of men in 16 weeks, along with helping to stop hair loss.
  • Ideal Design: This product features rotating weight distribution, four adjustable columns, aux hookups and customizable headphones which all combine to ensure comfortable use. The stimulator system, which is also part of this product’s design further promotes faster hair growth.
  • For Everyone: The iGrow Helmet Device is designed to be used by men and women with all types of hair, thinning hair or soon-to-be bald heads. Androgenetic alopecia experienced by anyone and everyone is addressed by this device.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: This product comes with a six-month money-back guarantee with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.  Please note that many other laser cap companies like illumiflow offer a 5-year product manufacturer warranty.

Key Features of the iGrow Helmet Device 

Additional notable features of this hair growth system:

  • Built-in headphones mean you can listen to music or watch TV while completing your treatment.
  • Dual-voltage for worldwide use with adapters for Asia, EU, UK and US included.
  • Plugs into wall for consistent s power, no need to worry about charging batteries or having to replace batteries.
  • Full-scalp coverage, hand’s free treatment.

Who is a Good Candidate for the iGrow LLLT Device?

This device is designed to treat genetic hair loss that is moderate for those aged 18 to 60 years-of-age.

It is designed for both men and women who have light to medium-dark skin tones. For individuals in this demographic, this system regrows hair by 35 to 36% in around 16 weeks. Results vary based on several factors, like exercise regimens and diet.

However, the satisfaction guarantee offered by iGrow allows everyone to give it a try if they decide it’s the best LLLT device for them.

Treatment, Usage of the iGrow Helmet System

This device is designed to be used for 25 minutes every other day for between four and six months.

After that time, users can reduce treatments down to once a week and enter into a maintenance phase to continue hair growth, which is pretty standard with laser cap devices.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

If you are seriously considering this device, you probably want to know one thing, when will you see results? Of course, hair growth is a relatively slow process.

You can’t expect more than around ¼ to ½ inch of growth per month. Ideally, you will begin seeing results by three months after beginning treatments.

However, iGrow recommends giving the system at least six months before determining its effectiveness for you.

Can You Use Other Treatments With the iGrow Helmet Device?


Although you can use the iGrow device on its own, it is designed to be used safely in conjunction with other hair loss treatments like Propecia or Rogaine.

Similar Products to iGrow Helmet

The following are similar LLLT products that are similar to the iGrow Helmet:

  • iRestore Laser Hair Growth Laser Helmet: $599: This product features both lasers and LEDs (this is the difference). It is a helmet, so some say it’s not as comfortable to use when compared to others.We wrote a review of it here.
  • Ilumiflow 272 Laser Cap System: $799: This product is a laser cap, which is very portable and designed to be used on the go. It also utilizes only lasers, no LEDs.It is designed with privacy in mind, allowing users to hide the fact that they are even treating their hair loss condition.

    And it’s our #1 recommendation for LLLT devices.

None of these products feature the headphone option of iGrow though.

However, all the other options are more portable, allowing users to move around during treatment if they desire.

Real-Life Customer iGrow Helmet Reviews

Sometimes, the easiest way to evaluate a product is to read what people who have actually used it think.

Here are some real-life customer reviews on the iGrow Helmet Hair Loss System.

These highlights the difference this system has made in the life of everyday people:

“When I came across iGrow I immediately thought ‘great, another high priced gimmick to give false hope.’ I’ve never been more wrong! I started used iGrow as directed and started seeing what had been thin spots beginning to darken and fill in” 

“As for comfort and design, it is constructed well and is much easier to use than I thought it would be. The controls are foolproof, where you simply choose a picture for what your baldness pattern looks like, then start. It automatically stops after that particular program’s time limit is reached. No chance for overexposure or anything. It is comfortable to wear and the built-in headphones are of decent quality too. Overall, for the money, I am satisfied but am far from noticing any hair growth results as it is way too early in my treatment.” 

Bottom Line: Is The iGrow Device a Good Fit For You?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to make this call for you.

Keep in mind, reviews are mixed as you can tell by the current reviews on Amazon.

The above are some good ones, but there are unsatisfied customers as well.

However, with the six-month money-back guarantee, there’s not much to lose yet if you are doing your research I recommend you check out our top picks.

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