Too many men believe it is the end of the world at the first signs of hair loss. A little receding at the temples and a bit of a bald patch in the back leave some men feeling like they just got diagnosed with some deadly and incurable disease. You may not like it, but it is just hair loss. It is not the end of the world. In fact, there are positives about being bald that you might be overlooking. But the first step towards positivity is a big one.

Take It All Off and Accept Hair Loss

Never in the history of man has there ever been a more acceptable time to be walking around with a shaved head. Athletes, movie stars, and the local teachers down the street at your town’s high school are all choosing to shave their heads instead of messing around with thinning hair. If anything, the shaved head look is becoming too ordinary! But the opposite sex definitely seems to like it. Of course, it helps if you are rocking the shaved head look with some muscles on your arms instead of a spare tire around your waist.

It does require you to pursue an act of courage for about five minutes. Every balding man contemplates just going ahead and shaving his head. Not that many follow through with it though.

There is an art to shaving your head, so don’t just blindly grab any razor and start hacking away. If you do that, nobody will really notice your shaved head. Instead, they will be focused on the thousands of stitches on top of your head.

The first thing you need to do is cut your remaining hair down low with electric clippers. This will be a freeing moment for you as you say goodbye to the old you and hello to the new. Then lather up and slowly shave with a razor you trust. Make sure it is a new blade and have a couple of mirrors in place so you don’t leave any patches behind.

So Much Less Time Getting Ready Every Day

As you get used to your newly shaved head, you will start to realize how much simpler it is to prepare to go out during the day or night. It was probably pretty difficult to make your thinning hair look presentable to the public. Just how long did you stand in front of the mirror with hair spray in hand, hoping to cover up the receding hairline and the bald spot on top? You no longer have to worry about doing this. In fact, some men shave their head and then don’t shave it again for two or three days. Spending five minutes on your hair every three days instead of half an hour every time you leave the house will seem like heaven.

While Everyone Else Is Aging, You Will Appear the Same

Once you finally go ahead and take the plunge, you will be able to keep the shaved head look for the rest of your life. If you keep yourself in good shape, watch what you eat, and hit the gym on a consistent basis, this will be your look basically forever. What you see now in the mirror will be what you see in another thirty years. You might have a few more wrinkles by then, but it will give you that distinguished look. Isn’t it strange how we seem to get better looking as we age, as long as we don’t let ourselves go and get morbidly obese?

Put Your Ego Aside

Too many men seem to think their hair is what defines them. While it sure doesn’t hurt to have a stylish mane on your head, that little hair you have left is just not doing it. It is tough to come up with a winning hairstyle when you just don’t have enough hairs left.

One of the toughest but simplest things you can do is shave your head. While some people might question your decision and it may seem like you are just throwing in the towel on your quest to keep your hair, you shouldn’t doubt yourself. Put your ego aside and cut ties with your hair if you just don’t have enough anymore. Isn’t it sad when you see these guys with elaborate comb-overs that you know must take them an hour or more to do each day in the mirror? While you may not look like a celebrity with a shaved head, you will still look better to others. This is preferable to being viewed as the man that is still trying to grasp on to his last three hairs.

Live an On-the-Go Lifestyle

You are able to do anything at any time when you are completely bald. We already talked about how you can be ready to head out the door in a minute with a shaved head, but you have to think above and beyond this. For instance, you can enjoy swimming again with friends at the local pool, beach, or lake. When your hair is thinning, the last thing you want to do is get it wet around others. The amount of scalp that comes through can be embarrassing. But with a tanned dome, you no longer have to worry about how your hair will look because you won’t have any.

Remember those times on windy days when you were more worried about keeping your thin hair in place than anything else in the world? A little bit of wind and rain is a deadly combination for a man that is balding and fighting it every step of the way. This is no longer a problem with a shaved head. Run out in the next storm and feel the wind and rain. Just be careful of lightning though. A shaved head does not protect from getting struck down with a thunderbolt.

You Can Always Try to Regain Your Hair Later If You Wish

There is still the possibility that you can try out a shaved head for a bit and then always go back to trying to regrow your hair if you don’t like it. The advancements in battling hair loss have grown considerably since the days of having to choose between minoxidil and Propecia. You have many more options, and being able to use a laser cap when your head is completely shaved just might produce great results!