When you start to recognize that you’re losing your hair, embarrassment and insecurities often follow. We get it; that’s completely normal and it’s important to go through the emotions. In the end, though, conquering those negative thoughts is half the battle for successful holistic hair regrowth. These tips will help you reconnect with your confidence and put you on the path of a healthy hair regrowth regimen.

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Set a SMART goal about your hair loss

If you take time to identify what you want to achieve now, it will be easier to stay on track later. Be specific and set results-focused goals you can measure along the way. Starting the process with a bit of research will help you outline achievable milestones and a realistic time-frame. Set reasonable expectations for yourself. If you don’t over-promise when setting your goals, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when the results over-deliver.


  • S=Specific
  • M=Measurable
  • A=Achievable
  • R=Relevent
  • T=Time-Bound

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Don’t expect too much too soon

The battle against hair loss isn’t won overnight, so don’t be disappointed when don’t see results right away. Give it some time; every day, every lifestyle change, and every ounce of self-esteem gets you closer to achieving your hair regrowth goals. Be confident that you are on the right path, even when it feels like you are just spinning your wheels.


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Be ready for a long-term process

When it comes to hair regrowth, you have to be in it to win it. Make a solid commitment to the process and keep your eye on the prize, because you’re going to need to be patient if this is going to work. When you get discouraged, think back to the goals you’ve set, and remind yourself that it’s worth the wait. Your dedication and positive energy will pay off in the end. Picture how far you’ll have come just a few years or months from now but stop thinking about how you want to look tomorrow or next week.


a man lifts a huge weight as part of an overall lifestyle change to support holistic hair growth

Change your lifestyle

Once you’ve changed your mindset, you’ll be inspired to adjust your lifestyle. Believe it or not, healthy choices do make a dramatic impact on hair regrowth success. Manage your stress level, focus on proper scalp hygiene, and be mindful of what you eat. A healthy diet that promotes a balanced pH level is key to the hair regrowth process. If you’re unsure of where to start, you can find many online resources with helpful tips on designing the ideal diet.


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Don’t just opt for the quick fixes—focus on commitment

Everyone prefers instant gratification, but as with many situations in our lives, quick fixes often don’t last. Stay focused on the long-term benefits of your commitment to the hair regrowth process and avoid options that advertise immediate results. When you put in the time, the rewards are greater, guaranteed.


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Don’t feel ashamed of your hair regrowth process

Remember, confidence is key in the hair regrowth process. You’re taking steps toward something that’s important to you, and there’s no shame in that. In those moments when self-doubt starts to creep in, revisit your SMART goal and keep moving ahead. Remind yourself that you’re not alone. Eighty-five percent of men over the age of 50 experience male pattern baldness.


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Be open to everything but do your research

A quick online search will deliver page after page of results with tips and treatments to combat hair loss. The great news is you have options. The challenge is that you may feel inclined to try anything and everything to speed up the hair regrowth process. Before you try a new treatment or technique, make sure to do your due diligence with plenty of research. Look for forums where other men have shared their experience with similar options and stick with articles and resources that have credibility.


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Be forgiving if you sometimes fail

Let’s face it, you’re likely going to experience days when you want to throw in the towel. It’s okay; you’re human, and we all go through those ups and downs. When you realize you’re straying from your commitment, give yourself permission to hop back in the saddle and reward yourself for having the courage to get back on track.


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Design ways to stay motivated throughout the process

As you go through the hair regrowth process, find ways to re-motivate yourself. Taking photos of your hair every few weeks is a great way to monitor success along the way. Even small changes in your hair’s appearance are something to celebrate. Also find ways to reward yourself for sticking to your commitment. You deserve it!

If you’re inspired to start your hair regrowth journey, now is the time to set your goals and jump in. You’ve got the mindset to tackle hair loss, and you will take on the challenge with your head held high. Just remember, there are sure to be bumps along the way, but when you overcome the obstacles and successfully combat hair loss, it will be worth the time you put in.