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Roadmap for Hair Loss

When I started my journey of wanting to face my hair loss and hair thinning head on, it was hard.

I found myself pouring over mountains of information online and never really knowing who to trust or what to believe.

You likely feel the same way.

That’s why at we’ve aimed to keep things to what the data and research tells us.

We both know that we could likely have a hair transplant or surgery to remedy the situation fully or temporarily.  Of course, if we were a candidate, were ok with an invasive procedure, and could afford it.

But for me after digging through everything what seemed like the most attractive at this stage in my life is to focus on a holistic approach.

I didn’t want surgery.

I didn’t want to take prescription drugs which could have some nasty side effects.

I need another option.

Maybe you are feeling the same way?

If so, you are in the right spot.

Because that’s why I liked what they talk about over at illumiflow, their focus is on the holistic approach.

That said, I wanted to take some time to dispel 3 common myths I see about hair loss and regrowing your hair.

3 Common Hair Loss Myths Exposed

Hair Loss Myth #1 Exposed

This one was a bit of a surprise to me, however, the average human sheds upward of 100 strands of hair each day.

It’s actually natural and healthy for us to do this (source).


The problem comes in when the scalp (for men or women) becomes in-capable of replacing those lost hairs.

Hair Loss Myth #2 Exposed

I grew up thinking this and I’m not actually sure where this myth originates from but it’s quite common.

We need to understand that baldness can begin at any age.

Even as an early teen or in your early 20’s.

That’s because balding is typically related to genes, lifestyle factors, illness or other health factors, not old age.

Now men and women are usually affected at different times in their life such as postpartum for women but this isn’t always the case.

More about hair loss for women here.

And here’s a comprehensive guide for young men dealing with hair loss.

Hair Loss Myth #3 Exposed

As much as we might like to believe this one…

Hair loss does not discriminate (R); both men and women can be affected.

And you know what those are just 3 of the biggest and most common myths.

There are many more that have been exposed as well.

So…if you’ve liked this content what I’d recommend is for you to read the full 34-page guide below, which is jam packed with actionable and valuable advice for you.

You’ll learn the several other common myths.

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Here’s a few other things you’ll learn:

  • What Makes Hair So Special?

  • What Exactly Causes Hair Loss?

  • How Does Hair Loss Differ for Men and Women

  • A Thorough Breakdown of BOTH Invasive and Non-Invasive Treatment Options

  • A Note About Prescription Drugs

  • How a Holistic Approach Works/Fits In

  • And Important Next Steps for Anyone Considering Reversing Hair Loss

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