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Experiencing hair loss can be devastating for a person’s self-confidence. Even though the condition is pretty common in terms of numbers of people experiencing some form of hair loss or thinning, 35 million men and 21 million women according to The Hair Society, dealing with the effects of hair loss can be demoralizing and embarrassing.Thankfully, today, there are more treatment options available to you. Options other than going under the knife via an invasive hair transplant surgery or spending excessive amounts of money to treat the condition at a medical clinic. One such option is the CapillusPro laser hair growth system that utilizes 272 laser diodes to treat hair loss via low-level laser therapy or LLLT. Read on for a comprehensive CapillusPro review to learn everything you need to know about this product:

What is the CapillusPro Laser Cap Device?

The CapillusPro is the premier device of the Capillus laser product line. It features 1360mW of laser energy to treat hair loss caused primarily by heredity. It is an FDA-cleared, battery-operated, wearable, hand-free therapy device that has been clinically studied and is recommended for treating hair loss or thinning. Users simply wear the device for six minutes a day as they go about their daily routine.

Physician Reviews of the CapillusPro 

The Capillus brand of laser products has been extensively studied and tested to ensure effectiveness and safety. Thanks to the company’s FDA-clearance and proven effectiveness at solving a common yet sometimes challenging problem of hair loss, many physicians have recommended the CapillusPro to their own patients. A few of their professional reviews are listed below for your perusal:

Dr. Rober Leonar of New England states, “Laser therapy is a wonderful product for both men and women alike. I do find that some women are not good candidates for transplantation because the donor density is insufficient. Laser therapy is a wonderful option, for women especially to use, because it can stabilize further progression of the thinning hair. Thinning hair in women is devastating. Anything we can do that is medically sound, scientifically proven to treat them, is what I want to offer to them. Laser therapy is a wonderful option.” 

Dr. Mark A. Bishara of Texas states, “I think that the Capillus272 (CapillusPro) is the first FDA-cleared device in its class that has the amount of diodes that it has. There are other devices that are out there, some that fall short of providing those additional diodes.”

Dr. Shelly Friedman of Arizona states, “I like the type of lasers that you can actually put on the scalp and walk around with because it has a battery pack. That seems to be the laser that is most compliant with patients and compliance means efficacy.” 


More Information on Low-Level Laser Therapy

As mentioned above, the CapillusPro utilizes low-level laser therapy to treat hair thinning and promote regrowth. It works at the cellular level to stimulate the scalp and promote healthy, strong hair. Since the 1960s, LLLT has been utilized to treat several medical conditions like nerve regeneration, wound healing, joint pain relief and more. In clinical studies, low-level laser therapy has been proven effective at treating hair loss in both men and women. In most cases, hair loss is the result of androgenetic alopecia.

What is Androgenic Alopecia?

This is a common form of hair loss in both women and men and is considered hereditary. It is often referred to as simply male or female pattern baldness. In men, androgenic alopecia begins at the temples and can cause thinning at the crown. Hair loss will usually recede to form a “M” shape. In women, thinning occurs all over the head, making it less noticeable.


What Makes CapillusPro Different From Other Devices?

When considering what makes the CapillusPro stand out from others in its class, it’s important to look at the benefits you can expect from using this device. They are as follows:

  • It effectively treats balding and thinning hair.
  • It is an effective and safe way to treat hair loss due to heredity.
  • It revitalizes damaged hair.
  • It reverses the process of hair loss.
  • It is easy-to-use with no known side-effects.
  • It features a flexible fitting, comfortable design.
  • It has 272 laser diodes, with no LEDS, which tend to be less penetrating when compared to lasers.
  • It comes with a three-year warranty.
  • It is auto programmable for the six minute recommended sessions.

What Comes With the CapillusPro Device

When you purchase the CapillusPro device, you get the following along with the device itself:

  • Capillus user manual to understand the best way to use the device.
  • Sports cap, but you can wear your own if you prefer.
  • Universal AC adapter, complete with four interchangeable blades for international use.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.
  • Lightweight carrying case.
  • Adhesive belt clip for battery pack, allowing you to move around during treatment sessions.
  • Accessories pouch.

What Can You Expect The Process of Hair Growth

Unfortunately, the hair growth process is just that, a process. It isn’t instant. It doesn’t work like magic and you wake up to a full head of hair after only one session. In fact, this type of therapy actuality just helps your body heal and work as it should on its own, reigniting dormant hair follicles. Therefore, for a practical look at what you can expect with this laser therapy device, consider the timeline for hair growth outlined by Capillus:


  • 0-3 Months: During this stage you might experience a bit of shedding. Don’t panic, this means your Capillus device is working. In fact, shedding can be one of the first indicators that your treatment is operating as designed. Shedding can indicate that old, dead hair is letting loose to make room for healthy, new shafts of hair to grow. It’s not uncommon to experience some itchiness during this period as well. Be sure to take a photo of your hair before you begin treatment so you can note any changes taking places, even subtle ones.
  • 3-6 Months: This stage will see less hair loss. While you will experience a reduction in hair loss overall, you might not notice too much change otherwise in how your hair looks. Don’t be discouraged. Remember, it’s a process.
  • 12 Months: By this point in your therapy you should be able to see some results. Take a photo and see how it compares to the one you took before treatment.
  • 24 Months+: This stage of the process is when you will likely notice the most dramatic results. By this point, you will have experienced the best results you can expect from the Capillus laser therapy system. Keep using the system even once you experience renewed hair growth and health, though, to continue hair loss prevention and to maintain a fuller head of hair.

Capillus offers a satisfaction guarantee for the first six months after purchase. Keep in mind, as mentioned above, this is a medical device designed to address the issue of hair loss and is not a quick fix. It will take time to work, but you should be able to see at least some results within the six-month satisfaction guarantee time frame.

What Makes Capillus Different From Other Companies

As you know, a device is only as dependable as the company producing it, and Capillus is one of the best in the business. Capillus features the satisfaction guarantee just mentioned but also prides itself in providing exceptional customer support and a product warranty ensuring they will replace any defective caps at no cost to the customer. They also offer financing options and price match to ensure as many people as possible can access their hair growth devices.

Bottom Line: Is The CapillusPro Device Worth the Investment?

At a purchase price of $2,499.00, the CapillusPro is an investment, to be sure. However, if you have suffered with hair loss or thinning, you likely feel no amount of money is too great to find an effective safe solution. Of course, whether you want to invest that much money in a hair growth device is most certainly up to you. Hopefully, this CapillusPro review will help you make that choice.


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