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If you have ever struggled to hide embarrassing bald spots or disguise thinning or sparse hair, you are not alone. In fact, some 21 million women and 35 million men suffer from some form of hair thinning or loss, the vast majority the result of androgenic alopecia. While in time’s past, you might be tempted to wear a hat to cover your bald areas or try the dreaded comb over hairstyle, there is no need to do that any longer thanks to this innovative volumizing keratin brush by Capillus. Read on to learn more about why you might be experiencing hair loss or thinning and consider how this product can help you conceal this issue in our Cap+ Volumizing Keratin Brush Review:

What is Androgenic Alopecia?

This is one of the most common forms of hair loss in both women and men. It is often called female or male pattern baldness. In men, it presents itself in a characteristic “M” shape, beginning at the temples. It can also cause thinning at the crown of the head and can result in total baldness. In women, androgenic alopecia causes thinning all over the head more uniformly. This means hair loss in women from pattern baldness is less noticeable but still significant to those experiencing it. Thankfully, for women, androgenetic alopecia rarely results in complete baldness. The cause of this condition is the result of a variety of environmental and genetic factors. Exactly what causes this condition is unknown. It is thought to correlate with hormones called androgens, more specifically dihydrotesterone.

What is the Cap+Volumizing Keratin Brush?

The Cap+ Volumizing Keratin Brush is a revolutionary hair product that provides a cosmetic fix to cover thinning hair quickly in mere seconds. If you have ever struggled to cover a bald or thinning spot on your head using various hairstyles, this brush will help you hide your thinning hair or bald spots much more effectively. It works by allowing users to brush thousand of keratin fibers into your hair, in a color that matches closely to your existing hair to conceal thinning areas on your head. You can alter the amount of coverage based on the needs of each area of your head. This is a clean, mess-free way to cover up embarrassing bald areas or thinning. The dry keratin fibers cling into your hair by utilizing static. To remove, simply wash your hair with shampoo.

Features and Benefits of the Cap+ Volumizing Keratin Brush

This revolutionary tool allows you to build up your hair and conceal the areas where you are thinning. The following are some of the most notable features and benefits of this product:

Benefits and Features of the Cap+Volumizing Keratin Brush

  • Features premium fibers for ultimate, natural coverage. All the Cap+ fibers are made from a luxurious keratin complex, which is in perfect proportion to your hair’s natural looking density. Meaning your fullness will not look fake, but instead healthy.
  • Has a wide variety of cartridge color options. You can choose from 11 natural colors to best match your hair color. The cartridges are replaceable and removable so you can update your cartridge color to match your hair color as that changes.
  • Power control with even fiber distribution. This means you will enjoy the natural, even release of dry keratin in your hair, which ensures mess-free application only where you want it.
  • Has interchangeable bristles for different hair types. You can choose from both hard or soft static-building bristle options that are designed for optimal attachment to your hair. Your options include those applicable to style, loose, curly, straight or short hair.
  • Non-slip, ergonomic grip that ensures you have precise control and a comfortable grip.
  • Conveniently daily use and battery powered. This means you don’t have to worry about charging this device. AAA batteries are included with purchase of the device.
  • Assembled in America, which means you will enjoy a product made with durability and that will enjoy an extended life whether you use the brush at home or on-the-go.
  • Provides instant coverage, concealing hair, thinning or bald spots.

What You Get With Your Cap+Volumizing Keratin Brush

The following are the items you get when you purchase the Cap+Volumizing Keratin Brush:

  • The Cap+Volumizing Keratin Brush with a hard bristle head.
  • AAA batteries so your device is ready to use.
  • Two Cap+Keratin fiber cartridges, each .25oz cartridge provides a weeks’ worth of use based on how much product is used.

How to Match Your Hair Color With The Options Provided

When you purchase this keratin brush, you can choose from 11 hair building fiber cartridges to find your perfect match. You can choose from the following color options:

  • Light grey
  • Grey
  • Dark grey
  • Ash blonde
  • Medium blonde
  • Dark blonde
  • Auburn
  • Light brown
  • Brown
  • Dark brown
  • Black

Additional Benefits of Using the Cap+Volumizing Keratin Brush With Other Capillus Products

As you likely know, Capillus is known for making an innovative laser cap that utilizes low-level laser therapy to work to regrow hair and reduce or cease hair thinning. Capillus recommends using this brush along with the laser cap to cover up thin areas as the cap works to encourage new hair growth. As with any other hair growth treatment, the laser cap does take time to work. It isn’t an instant fix. That is what makes this product so helpful. You can use it until your hair grows in enough to need it no longer. It will provide you instant results, while your laser cap works to provide a more long-term solution to your hair loss issue.

Cost of the Cap+Volumizing Keratin Brush

Capillus offers two options for purchasing this product. They are outlined below:

  • Cap+Volumizing Keratin Brush: $164.99 This option comes with everything outlined above.
  • Cap+Volumizing Keratin Brush Starter Kit: $199.00 This option comes with everything outlined above plus a hairline perfecting tool to blend in the product, holding spray to keep the keratin in place, a soft bristle head to replace the hard one that comes with the brush and a handy carrying case.

Price of Continued Ownership

Because you use the keratin cartridges to cover up areas of thinning, you will run out eventually and need to purchase more. Capillus offers keratin cartridges in either four-pack, two-pack or as single cartridges. The following is a breakdown of the cost per each variety:

  • Cartridge single pack: $14.99
  • Cartridge two pack: $28.99
  • Cartridge four pack: $49.99


How to Use The Cap+ Volumizing Keratin Brush 

Use this innovative, mess-free brush to create instant fullness in your hair, covering sparse spots and bald areas by doing the following:

  • If you are using the product for the first time, begin by removing the cartridge seal. Then align and insert the cartridge into the top of the brush.
  • With the handle face up, open brush dispenser doors by moving the power switch to the first left position.
  • Start brushing your hair and push the switch into the second position to begin dispensing fiber. To stop, simply release the switch. When you are satisfied with your coverage, cut the power off to close the dispenser doors.

Helpful Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Volumizing Brush

  • When using, always apply to dry, clean hair. Having dry hair will ensure the fibers cling to the hair as designed. This brush will not work when your hair is wet.
  • Make sure you store your cartridges in a cool, dry place, free of excessive humidity.

Bottom Line: Is the Cap+Volumizing Keratin Brush Worth the Investment?

Hopefully, the Cap+ Volumizing Keratin Brush Review outlined above revealed enough information about the product that you can make an educated decision about purchasing this item. In general, the brush is a great way to cover thinning areas without spending an excessive amount of money.


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