Reviewing the Best Laser Caps with the Highest Number of Diodes

Laser caps provide the ultimate solution for hair loss, balding, and thinning.

The increasing popularity of laser caps is mainly due to their noninvasive LLLT treatment, which is very convenient.

All you need to do is wear the laser cap daily for the recommended amount of time. Within twelve to sixteen months, you should notice better, thicker hair growth.

Why the Number of Diodes Matters in Laser Caps

Laser caps have diodes in them, which emit laser-light energy for stimulating hair follicles.

Not all hair loss laser caps have the same effect or employ the same treatment methodology for hair growth.

To understand why the number of diodes matters, you should first understand how laser lights work.

Why Laser Cap Diodes Matter 272

How LLLT Works

Unlike invasive surgical lasers that make an incision through the tissues and blood vessels, LLLT passes through the skin without damaging any tissues.

The laser lights penetrate the skin to reach the hair follicles.

These lasers are harmonized to a frequency typically between the range of 630nm–670nm in wavelength. You can read why that’s important here if you like.

This frequency has been proven to stimulate and energize hair follicles to rejuvenate and gradually boost hair growth.

The number of diodes available in a laser cap typically determines the overall effectiveness of the device.

For instance, a laser cap with 148 diodes will be more effective than a laser cap with only eighty.

So basically, it all comes down to the diodes—the more, the better, which is why this is our favorite.

This visual representation may help.

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Best Laser Caps with the Highest Number of Diodes

However, don’t let manufacturers confuse you by stating that slightly more diodes leads to better treatment.

Consider two laser caps: one has 272 diodes, while the other has 300, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the latter is of better quality.

The difference in efficacy between 272 and 300 diodes is not likely to be very measurable.

So far, top laser cap models have 272 diodes.

illumiflow Laser Cap 272 (272 Diodes)

Illumiflow 272 Laser CapThe illumiflow laser cap is very affordable compared to most similar 272 laser diode products.

The illumiflow 272 Laser Cap is one of the first over-the-counter at-home LLLT products to receive clearance from the FDA.

Costing only $799, the illumiflow Laser Cap 272 is significantly less expensive compared to competitor brands (based on cost per laser diode).

This laser cap is tuned to exactly 650nm per diode, offering the most optimal laser therapy experience.

Similar wavelength laser treatments are offered at hair loss clinics that charge absurd amounts of money for the same technology that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

This cap is suitable for regrowing hair for both men and women.

It has attractive features like a thirty-minute automatic shut-off, advanced cooling technology to protect the scalp from laser heat, and a rechargeable battery that lasts a long time.

You can see the full details here.

The design is hands-free and user-friendly to be worn indoors or outdoors conveniently under the included baseball cap.

The recommended treatment time is thirty minutes, three times a week, which is super simple to stick to consistently.

illumiflow sports a five-year manufacturer’s warranty with a six-month money-back guarantee as well.

Check Out the illumiflow 272 Our Top Pick for Best Laser Cap

CapillusPro Laser Therapy Cap (272 Diodes)

Capillus Pro Laser CapCapillus, as a company, features a wide range of hair regrowth products from topical foams to shampoos and supplements including laser cap devices.

Promising to provide ultimate hair regrowth solutions, Capillus is a premium company that comes with a high price tag.

The CapillusPro, with 272 medical-grade lasers, comes at a hefty $2,999, which can be off-putting for most people wanting to regrow their hair.

With a high success rate, this laser cap promised to restore hair growth to its users within months of use.

To achieve the best results, it is advised to administer treatment for at least six to twelve months. With a recommended treatment time of six minutes per day, the CapillusPro laser cap is very comfortable and effortless to use.

This cap is definitely the most expensive out of the bunch and, though having helped many with their hair problems, results will vary for every individual.

Kiierr272Premier Laser Cap (272 Diodes)

This cap is the most popular among consumers online of the pack within the 272 laser diode category.

The value for the money may seem enticing when compared to illumiflow or Capillus, but it should be noted that the lasers within this module are adjusted to 650nm in wavelength which ideal for clinical strength hair loss.

We wrote all about why the wavelength is so important here.

This impressive doctor recommended laser cap is popular but more expensive than illumiflow. However, for the not so price-conscious user, this model may be a good deal as it also comes with a free DHT blocking shampoo & conditioner to nourish and promote hair growth.

The recommended time for use is the same as most laser caps: thirty minutes, three times a week.

The company offers a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and a seven-month money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts on the Best Laser Caps

Paying more for a laser cap to undergo at home LLLT therapy doesn’t mean you would necessarily be getting more for your money nor does paying less get you a better deal.

At the end of the day, these brands use the same medical-grade lasers.

The only difference is the amount of features you receive, the reliability of each product, the quality, and how much (no pun intended) you would have to shed in order to experience hair regrowth results.

That’s why our current top pick is illumiflow and the 272 laser cap they offer.

Illumiflow Our Top Laser Cap 272 Diodes

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