about holistic hair health

Holistic Hair Health is a blog and community created by the hair experts over at illumiflow, devoted to giving those concerned about hair loss a vital resource. We feel its important to provide education about all aspects of holistic hair regrowth for all people struggling with hair loss including women, young men who are just seeing changes in their hair line, and men who are either just beginning to take action, or have been at the fight for a long time. 

Our focus is on a truly holistic approach to re-growing hair.


Because there’s more you can do instead of or in addition to traditional surgical and drug-based treatments, and we figured you should know about it.

Read our blog to discover how you can grow your hair back using non-invasive solutions and well-studied medical solutions or as a supplement to traditional hair growth methods. Through our informative community, readers gain knowledge they need to grow their hair (and confidence) back.

Start reading.