Your hair has left you for greener pastures. You’re not ready to say goodbye, so here you are combing the internet for hair growth treatments. You know about the leading medications but are exploring other options because you can’t justify the side effects.

Enter holistic hair care. It’s been proven to work but only if you put in the effort. It’s not as easy as popping a pill or foaming up your scalp. And your friends might not understand why you’d go to so much trouble when there’s an easier way. But with the right attitude and commitment, your confidence and hair growth will skyrocket, and your body will thank you.

Before you begin this journey, you need to fully consider the following:


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1. You have to make space for it in your life

For holistic hair care to work, it needs to become part of your daily routine. It’ll be on your mind from the moment you wake up until you lay down to rest, and then it starts all over again. Your hair growth path will inform the foods you decide to eat, how much food and alcohol you consume, when you exercise, how you cope with stress, and more. Regardless of the path you choose, you’ll need to make time for it and commit 100% in order to get the results you crave.

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2. It takes time, but it works

You want something that works but that won’t give you scalp irritation, rapid weight gain, and low libido, which is why you’re looking at natural hair growth solutions. But you have to be kind to yourself. You won’t get the quick fix you might from pharma or surgical options, but your mind and body will be healthier and happier.


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3. It will make you better at other things in your life

Once you decide to go through with your holistic hair care regimen, you’re going to notice a domino effect. Just as Charles Duhigg mentions in The Power of Habit, once you make one positive keystone habit (regrowing your hair naturally), the rest will fall into place. Goal setting, long-term planning, everything that has always felt far off, will be in your back pocket. Whether you’ve always wanted to run a marathon, get your finances in order, or find your dream job, it all starts with learning to set goals and achieve them.


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4. It will make you more confident

While it may sound cliché, hair really does impact the way people see you, whether it’s in the boardroom, the bedroom, or anywhere in between. You already know about the damaging psychological impact of losing your hair, but now you can shift your focus to the positive impact of getting it back.


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5. There won’t be any negative side effects

The great thing about natural regrowth is you don’t have to worry about damaging your liver or succumbing to infection, numbness, or anything else other than sexy, fully grown hair. Just like you used to have, only better because you actually appreciate it now.

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6. You might have to tell people what you’re doing

There are lots of natural ways to convince your hair to come back to you. There’s coconut oil, laser hair treatment, holistic hair growth supplements, diet and exercise tweaks, homeopathy, and acupuncture, to name a few. There are pros and cons to all of them, but whatever you pick, there’s going to be an impact on your time and energy. Laser hair treatments are great because you can do them at home. The same is true for many other methods.

Whatever you decide, your friends and family are likely to notice you making different choices. Oftentimes men who share their hair regrowth mission with their loved ones are the most successful because they have accountability and support when they need it most.


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7. You’re going to have to eat better

This might sound ridiculous. What does food have to do with hair? Everything. The nutrition we ingest is what our body uses to survive and thrive. When you make bad dietary choices you stress out your body, which leads to low energy, bad skin, and dormant hair follicles. So make good ones, okay?


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8. De-stressing is a must

Which leads us to our last point–you have got to find a way to help your body relax. That’s how it’s going to be able to rejuvenate dormant hair follicles, give you the energy you need, and allow you to operate at peak performance. To do this, make sure you’re getting eight hours of sleep, eating well, taking your vitamins, and releasing any pent-up energy in a hobby that brings you joy. We don’t care if it’s going for a run, writing, jamming out to your favorite music, or something else, just make sure you find what works for you.

Yep. Holistic hair care is a commitment

Holistic hair care is a commitment, but a worthwhile one. Your hair, your body, and your attitude will all need to change for you to succeed. It’ll be a marathon that lasts the rest of your life. Your newfound eating and exercise habits will stick with you, along with all the other solutions that you find work for you. But you can do this.