Kenny Rogers may have said it best when he sang the line in “The Gambler” that basically said, “you’ve got to know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em.” This iconic lyric could go hand in hand with just about everything in life. However, it relates perfectly to men dealing with hair loss. You can only be in denial for so long before you have to realize that the hair going down the drain every day is not going to be coming back. Instead of refusing to accept your circumstances, here are five things you can start doing once you realize your hair loss has proceeded too far. 

Take Out the Clippers

Whenever you encounter someone that is balding and still somehow wants to rock the long hair look, you just have to shake your head and know that person is out of touch. Once your hair starts to noticeably thin out, you must go with a shorter haircut. Getting your hair cut short gives the appearance of thicker hair and the hair loss will become much less evident. 

In fact, it might be best to just take out those electric clippers and take it all off. The shaved head look has never been more “in” than it is right now. It is widely accepted across the globe. Simply shave your head every couple of days and you will enjoy the no-maintenance lifestyle that accompanies this look. This will be a mighty big change from what you were used to before. Trying to style the hair you had left on your head was probably a cumbersome task that took up some serious time every day. Now this will no longer be the case, as you will not have to spend hours in front of the mirror every week. 

Join a Gym

If you choose to start rocking the shaved head, then you need to round out the rest of your new look. This includes joining a gym and packing on more muscle. Of course, everyone knows this look is big in Hollywood right now with the Rock, Vin Diesel, and a few others sporting giant muscles. There is no reason why you can’t do the same. Many women find this look very attractive as well, so that doesn’t hurt. 

Plus, consider the alternative. Would you rather be a skinny guy walking around with a shaved head? You’d look a bit like a Q-tip. Or maybe you would be a heavyset guy (obese) with the bald look? This appearance would cry out to everyone that you have just about given up on life. Instead, start adding more muscle, hit the weights, and go out in the sun once in a while. You’ll be amazed at what this can do for your self-confidence. 

Grow Out a Little Facial Hair

If you are bald on top, adding some facial hair will give you a rough, handsome-looking appearance. It may sound strange, but having a bit of facial hair will balance out the whole look. Will people confuse you with Bruce Willis? Maybe not, unless you start speaking solely in Die Hard quotes. Jason Statham? Probably not, until you learn to talk with a British accent and start calling everyone mate. But joining in with these guys and looking very similar does not sound so bad either. 

Find a Couple of Hats You Love

Before you decided to go all-in on the shaved head look, you probably had a good-sized collection of baseball caps. These were obviously put to use to hide your balding whenever possible. How many times did you wear a baseball cap out on the town just so people would not see your thinning hair? Now you no longer have to wear these to cover up your hair loss, as you will be proud to show off your shaved head. You can actually choose when and where to wear these hats for once.

However, keep in mind that, without hair on top of your head, you are going to be more susceptible to cold weather. Most of your heat escapes from the body through the top of your head. Without hair for insulation, the heat will be leaving faster than usual. A hat will definitely help you regulate your temperature much better. 

Have Fun with the Extra Time on Your Hands

Something that most men realize once they shave their heads is that their only regret was that they didn’t do it sooner. It just makes life much simpler. No longer do you have to worry about going out in the rain. You don’t have to pretend that you don’t like swimming any longer either. Now, when your hair is wet, it won’t look like you only have three hairs on your head. 

Instead of worrying about your hair loss every morning or whenever you leave the house, you can now be ready in minutes. This means that you will have extra time on your hands that you had been using to worry about your thinning hair. Don’t use this time to camp out in front of your television. Use it to hang out with friends, hit the bike trails, or pick up a completely new hobby. You could now squeeze in a few piano lessons every week and in no time at all, your piano playing skills and shaved head will gain you a few admirers. 

Maybe You Don’t Want to Give Up on Hair Growth Completely?

Just because you shaved your head or got your hair cut pretty close doesn’t mean that you still wouldn’t want a little extra hair growing on top. You might want more of the stubble look on top instead of a completely smooth finish. Or perhaps you believe at some point you could experience a bit of a comeback on your hair loss.

With a very short hairstyle, you can opt to use low-level laser therapy a few times a week to help halt your hair loss and even grow a little (or perhaps a lot) hair back in the process. With a buzzed look, the lasers will be able to hit your hair follicles with its full power, without being deflected by the hair on your head. Plus, you could start taking certain supplements that could help regrow your hair and make it much thicker. After a few months, with your hair buzzed short, you should be able to notice the difference if low-level laser therapy and supplements are working for you.